Tented Kitchens

Set Up a Kitchen – Anywhere! Tented kitchens provide convenient temporary kitchen solutions for a variety of needs. Tented kitchens are ideal for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, fairs, festivals and concerts. The experts at Mobile Kitchen Solutions have also provided tented kitchens for disaster relief efforts including the gulf oil spill. Mobile Kitchen Solutions has all of the equipment and expertise necessary to set up a tented kitchen that will work for you.

Tented Kitchens

Tented Kitchens to Meet Your Needs


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Tented kitchens from Mobile Kitchen Solutions come in a variety of set-ups. From small tents ideal for private events to mega tented kitchens for multi-day events, Mobile Kitchen Solutions can configure a tented kitchen to meet your unique needs. The experts at Mobile Kitchen Solutions can outfit your tented kitchen with a wide variety of kitchen equipment including ovens, deep fryers, tilt skillets, refrigeration, mobile dishwashing and more. Tented kitchens can also be configured to not only cook food, but serve it as well. Tented kitchens can be set up to serve sit-down meals and buffet-style meals easily.

Let the experts at Mobile Kitchen Solutions create plans for a tented kitchen that is perfect for your needs. Contact us today and let us know where you need a tented kitchen (we serve clients nationwide) how many people you need to serve and how long your are in need of a tented kitchen and we will advise you on the best tented kitchen for your needs and budget.

Tented Kitchen and Dining Facilities

We can supply a turnkey tented temporary facility.  This temporary kitchen will be climate controlled, lighted, washable flooring, Kitchen section, Buffet section and dining section. Our package includes tables, chairs, buffet equipment, refrigeration equipment, Ansul Suppression Skids, Cooking/Holding equipment, Dishwashing, all the power distribution and plumbing to main hookups and a turnkey installation and teardown.  Layouts can be customized to fit your needs!

66x100 Tented Kitchen using Ansul Suppression Skids 66x100 Dishwashing 66x100 Buffet - Copy 66x100 Walk in Cooler 66x100 Seating and buffet

Not Sure What Type of Mobile Kitchen Trailer You Need?

The tented kitchen professionals at Mobile Kitchen Solutions are trained and experienced on exactly what type of set up is ideal for different types of needs. We work with event planners, facilities managers, chefs and many others to set up kitchen trailers of all sizes. We also work with clients on both short- and long-term tented kitchen rentals. Contact us today, let us know how long your kitchen trailer is needed, how many people your kitchen trailer will need to serve daily, what types of food will be served and a few other details and we’ll advise you on the best kitchen trailer for your needs and your budget. Call Mobile Kitchen Solutions at 1-877-217-3681 to find out more about our mobile kitchen trailers or click the Request an Estimate link below to send us a quote request.