Skid Kitchens

Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Skid kitchens are perfect when you need a quick and customized mobile kitchen solution. Sometimes called portable cooking stations, skid kitchens from Mobile Kitchen Solutions are offered in configurations that meet your needs and are equipped with ansul suppression systems for fire safety.

Mobile Kitchen Solutions has all of the equipment and expertise necessary to set up a skid kitchen that’s right for you.

Skid Kitchens

Easily Updated Skid Kitchens

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Tented Kitchen Rental

Skid kitchens can be easily set-up by you, or by one of our skid kitchen experts. Our skid kitchens can also be equipped with a variety of kitchen equipment including skillets, fryers, refrigeration and more.

The Ultimate in Skid Kitchen Convenience

Skid kitchens are built in 8-foot units which contain forklift slots for easy movement, even after delivery. Skid kitchens can be rented on a daily, weekly, or extended basis anywhere in the United States. Contact Mobile Kitchen Solutions today to find our more about skid kitchens with ansul suppression.

Not Sure What Type of Skid Kitchen You Need?

The skid kitchen professionals at Mobile Kitchen Solutions are trained and experienced on exactly what type of set up is ideal for different types of needs. We work with event planners, facilities managers, chefs and many others to set up kitchen trailers of all sizes.

Contact us today, let us know how long your kitchen trailer is needed, how many people your kitchen trailer will need to serve daily, what types of food will be served and a few other details and we’ll advise you on the best kitchen trailer for your needs and your budget.

Call Mobile Kitchen Solutions at 1-877-217-3681 to find out more about our mobile kitchen trailers or click the Request an Estimate link below to send us a quote request.

Our Skid Kitchens are industry leading and supply US Mobile kitchens. Skids can be customized to fit your specific need. For more information go to