Dishwasher Rentals

28ft Dishwashing Trailer STANDARD #11

Mobile/Portable Dishwashers

MKS has a large variety of dishwashers for rent.  Units are setup and ready to rent for a variety of needs.

  • Special Events
  • Renovations (Long/Short Term)
  • Expanded Operations
  • Disaster Relief/Emergency

Our units can be skid mounted or setup in a modular kitchen, or tented kitchen.  MKS can provide units with several additional services and or items to support the dishwasher rental.

  • Soil/clean tables
  • Wash dispensing Systems
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Fresh/Waste Water Tanks & Pumps
  • Plumbing Packages

Dishwashing Units

MKS has several different size dishwashing units to fit your needs. All of our dishwashers can be skid mounted or installed in a trailer.  From undercounter 1 door units to Flight Machines

UnderCounter Rack Dishwasher – 2-3 Minute Cycle Rack Dishwasher.

1 Door Low/High Temp Rack Dishwasher – 50 Racks Per hour. Unit can be installed in trailer, or temporary kitchen complex.

Conveyer Dishwasher – 200 Racks Per hour. Units can be setup with soil & clean table. Units usually have chemical dispensing systems and booster heaters installed.  Great for mid to large events.  Usually customers package 3 Basin Pot sink with wash wand/faucet. Unit requires 208v 200Amps.

Flight Dishwasher – 19,000 Dishes per hour. Skid mounted or in trailer/modular unit. Flight machine is great for large capacity rentals.  Unit has internal water heaters with booster system installed.  Very easy to setup. Requires 3/4″ 65PSI fresh water line, 2″ Waste open drain and 208v 400Amps.


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